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What we do

The NPA ACT plays an active role in conservation issues in the ACT. 

  • It is regularly consulted by the ACT Government on management and development plans for the Territory's National Park, Nature Reserves, remaining bushland and rural leases. 

  • It commissions research and prepares independent reports and recommendations.

  • It runs seminars on research topics affecting the environment.

  • Members participate as volunteers for work parties in Namadgi National Park and Canberra Nature Reserves. 

  • The NPA has a delegate to the Australian National Parks Council and is represented on the Conservation Council ACT Region.

  • The NPA ACT informs the public in several ways, through for example:

    • Displays at conservation events around Canberra;
    • Displays within ACT public libraries;
    • Sale of our Field Guides;
    • The NPA Bulletin, which carries articles on current conservation issues;
    • Guest speakers at our monthly meetings;
    • A comprehensive Outings Program which enables members to enjoy a full range of walks in the bush;
    • Submissions to Government on conservation issues.
  • Organises regular outings and bushwalking.

How we operate.



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