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Workshop - Living with Lovegrass

Date: 22-May-2010

An environmentally aware catchment community that has the commitment, knowledge, skills and capacity to improve the health of our landscape.

The Southern ACT Catchment Group is supported by the Caring for Our Country Program

Living with Lovegrass

Learning from each other on how to manage African Lovegrass

Saturday 22nd  May 

Namadgi Visitor Centre Tharwa   

9.00          Guests arrive and seated in theatre

9.20          Introduction


What is African Lovegrass, why is it a regional land management problem?

9.30          Sarah Sharp        -       Lovegrass biology

9.40          Luke Pope           -       Lovegrass grazing

10.00         Geoff Butler         -      An environmental weed


Tackling the problem, some local experiences

10.10         Andrew Giekie      -     Managing Lovegrass on Lanyon

10.20         Geoff Hyles         -      Castle Hill and Lovegrass

10.30         Peter Saunders  -        Managing Lovegrass on Scottsdale

10.40         Darren Roso        -      Managing Lovegrass in ACT Reserves    

10.50         Steve Taylor        -      Lovegrass and the ACT Government weeds program

11.00         Phil Graham         -      African Lovegrass trials

11.10        Morning Tea

Towards a strategy for managing African Lovegrass

11..30       Panel discussion and comments from the floor

12.45        Summary and agreement on future action

1.30pm      Barbeque lunch.


Steve Welch

6296 6400

or email    


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