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Budawangs Walking and Camping Strategy released.


The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service have released a Budawangs Walking and Camping Strategy.

The following announcement is from the Confederation of Bushwalking Clubs NSW regarding this strategy. It provides links to the Strategy documents on the NPWS website.

Some of the requirements of the Strategy will have an impact on our bushwalking activities (particularly weekend walks) in the Budawangs. Trip Leaders are encouraged to at least read the Summary Leaflet.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service: Adoption of the Budawangs Walking and Camping Strategy 

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has now adopted a strategy to manage the impacts of wilderness walking and camping in the Budawangs area of the Morton National Park.

The Strategy sets out the NP&WS's management policy for the area and introduces a number of requirements and guidelines for walkers. Requirements include group size limits, restrictions on camping and wood fires in some areas and constraints on use of the former military training area. Guidelines include minimal impact practices, maximum tent numbers at the main camp sites and use of journey intention forms. A permit system will be trailed for Cooyoyo Creek at Easter and October long weekends from 2008 onwards.

From 1 September 2007 all walkers using the Budawangs will be required to comply with the Walking and Camping Strategy requirements.

Bushwalking clubs and individuals are also asked to comply with the Strategy guidelines.

Information can be obtained from: 

NP&WS, Ulladulla Area Office, 9 Coller Road, Ulladulla 2539, Phone: 4454 9500

The Budawangs Strategy:

Summary Leaflet:


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