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50th Anniversary Brisbane Catholic Bushwalkers


Subject: 50th Anniversary Brisbane Catholic Bushwalkers

I would like to tell you about our 50th Anniversary Celebrations that are occurring on Sunday 30th March.
I would like to:
1. Invite any members to the Celebrations if in Brisbane on the day, and,  
2. Since bushwalkers follow jobs and/or lifestyle and move town, they will tend to join the local bushwalking club. Thus, you might have more recent addresses for some of our former members than we do - especially when they are now your members or even your former members. If you know of any people who were in both clubs, could you please either pass on the Invitation to them OR forward BCBC the up-to-date address for us to post out the formal invitation.
I have attached a letter explaining this in more detail, anda copy of the Invitation.
Thank you for your assistance
Greg Endicott
Editor &
50th Anniversary Committee Member


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