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Draft Namadgi Plan of Management


The October 2007 version of the Draft Namadgi Plan Of Management has now been made available thanks to a resolution submitted by Vicki Dunne.

The June 2007 TAMS report on submissions has just been made available through a decision of the Standing Committee on Planning and the Environment.  See it here (it is a 4MB download).

The NPA has made a Submission to this Inquiry. See the ABC TV News item here.

Their Standing Committee's original letter said:

Dear  xxxx,

Thank you for your e-mail to Mary Porter MLA of 27 March 2008 concerning the Standing Committee on Planning and Environment’s inquiry into Namadgi National Park Draft Plan of Management.

As I have explained to Kevin McCue and Chris Emery, the Committee will not be conducting a full inquiry into all aspects of the Namadgi National Park Draft Plan of Management. The principle areas of interest to the Committee are the consultative mechanisms, therefore we are chiefly seeking your feedback on the consultation processes that have been undertaken to date in the development of the Draft Management Plan. For your information, the Committee’s formal Terms of Reference are:

Recognising the high level of community interest, the Committee will investigate and inquire into issues related to the Namadgi National Park Draft Plan of Management, specifically:

·  the administration of the consultation process during development of the Draft Plan of Management;

·  the effectiveness of consultation with key stakeholders;

·  the nature and level of participation by the Interim Namadgi Advisory Board in developing the Draft Plan of Management;

·  Namadgi National Park’s value as a biodiversity conservation area and as part of a greater regional conservation corridor; including catchment protection and fire management issues; and

·  Any other relevant matter.

Considering the above focus and the size of the inquiry the Committee does not feel it is necessary at this stage to make the revised Mangement Plan available, as it is likely to replicate the work already undertaken by the Department of Territory and Municipal Services.  However, the Report on Submissions prepared by the department is available on the Committee website at:

Please contact me if you have any questions.


The Secretary

Standing Committee on Planning and Environment

ACT Legislative Assembly Secretariat


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