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The Victorian Firestorms


Here are some articles on the subject.

See Canberra Times Don Driscoll's letter and Phil Gibbon's article.

The ABC 7:30 Report item.

"The Blame Game" - Professor Poongschtok

"While the Fires Continue to Burn" - Dr Berris Fueller

"A Fire History of the Australian Alps" - Phil Zystra

"We have still not lived long enough" - Tom Griffiths

"Up In smoke" - the effect on tourism of the 06/07 fires in the Australian Alps

"Thoughts on the Victorian Bushfires" - Andrew Campbell

"Fuel Reductions Burns Made No Difference on Black Saturday"

"Fire: Biological problems with control burning" – Ted Edwards


NPAACT has pointed out that the 2003 firestorm crossed almost 10km of bare grazing land between the Cotter and the affected Canberra suburbs. NSWNPA quote a case where a firestorm crossed 3km of water in a reservoir.

The Royal Commission


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