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Marine Parks Campaign


Dear Christine,

Following the unprecedented sign on by 38 organisations to the media release against the NSW moratorium Bill on marine parks, we've created a website with the Nature Conservation Council of NSW to enable people across Australia to lobby the key pollies about this Bill.
Given the real threat of this Bill, not just for NSW, but across Australia we were hoping that NPA ACT would be able to promote  via a direct email to all your supporters to have the greatest impact. Victoria have just announced a moratorium on marine parks off the back of this proposal so we really do need a heavy push from our supporters if we are to stop this rolling across the country.
Other ways, aside from the direct email, to assist in generating as much response as possible are  to  (a) include this in your regular e-newsletter (b) post this site on your website, (c) tweet, and/or (d) post on your social networking site.
Let us know how you may be able to help out

Cheers, Nicky
Nicky Hammond
Marine Program Manager
National Parks Association of NSW
PO Box 337, Newtown NSW 2042
Tel: 02 9299 0000; Fax: 02 9290 2525


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