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Cattle Back In The Alpine National Park


The new Victorian Government has allowed cattle back into the fragile alpine environment.

18/3/11 Cattle Ordered out of Victorian Alps - The Age

08/03/11 Article by Geoff Mosley - SMH.

06/03/11 Government Blackmailed University - The Age

22/02/11 Article by Doug Humann, CEO of Bush Heritage.

05/02/11 Article in The Age environment section.

14/01/11 Editorial in The Age.

13/01/11 Article by ABC Gippsland.

31/10/10 Article by Phil Ingamells VNPA

Here are some old photos in the Tyrrell collection (held today by the Powerhouse museum) taken between 1897 and 1917 that show the effect of cattle in the fragile alpine environment.(Use the internal link to Flikr)



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