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Namadgi NP Draft Management Plan


The Chief Minister released the Namadgi NP Draft Management Plan on Tuesday the 6th of September.  It was open for public comment until Wednesday 30/11/05. Our first Media Release is here.

NPAACT Members were asked to provide individual submissions, in addition to the downloadable document (204 KB) prepared by the Association itself.  To assist members our Working Group prepared a Member's Guide paper and a Key Issues paper on some of the major points we want to see covered.

On 30 November 2005 the NPAACT issued another media release to coincide with delivery of our submission.

Copies of the Plan are still available by calling Canberra Connect on 132281 or by contacting the NPAACT office.  A copy of the Plan is available at

What happens next?

The relevant provisions in the Land (Planning and Environment) Act are:

202 Submission to Minister
The conservator must submit a draft plan of management (as revised under section 201) to the Minister for approval, together with— (a) a written report setting out the issues raised in any written comments submitted to the conservator in relation to the draft; and (b) a written report about the conservator’s consultation with the public and with any other person or authority about the draft.

203 Consideration of plan of management by Legislative Assembly committee
If the conservator submits a draft plan of management to the Minister under section 202, the Minister must, within 7 days of receiving the draft plan give— (a) a copy of the draft plan; and (b) a copy of the reports mentioned in section 202 (a) and (b) relating to the draft plan; and (c) all other documents relating to the draft plan submitted to the Minister by the conservator; to an appropriate committee of the Legislative Assembly.

204 Minister’s powers
(1) On receipt of a draft plan of management submitted under section 202 or section 205 for approval, the Minister must consider any recommendation relating to the draft by a committee of the Legislative Assembly that considers the draft under section 203 and— (a) in writing, approve a plan of management in the form in which the draft is submitted; or (b) refer the draft to the conservator together with any of the following written directions: (i) to conduct further specified consultation; (ii) to consider any revision suggested by the Minister; (iii) to revise the draft in a specified way; (iv) to defer, in writing, until a specified date or the happening of a specified event, the resubmission of the draft to the Minister; (v) to withdraw the draft in writing. (2) The following are notifiable instruments: (a) a deferral directed under subsection (1) (b) (iv); (b) a withdrawal directed under subsection (1) (b) (v). Note  A notifiable instrument must be notified under the Legislation Act.

205 Referral back to conservator
If the Minister refers a draft plan of management to the conservator under section 204 (1) (b), the conservator must— (a) comply with the Minister’s directions; and (b) if the Minister gives a direction under section 204 (1) (b) (i) or (ii)—if the conservator considers appropriate, revise the draft plan; and (c) revise the draft to correct any formal error; and (d) resubmit the draft plan of management (as revised) to the Minister for approval together with a written report about the conservator’s compliance with the Minister’s directions and about any revision of the draft under paragraph (c).



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