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Book "Monga Intacta"


Second printing copies of this beautiful book are now available.

If you’d like to purchase single copies ($55.00), at this stage they are available from ‘Mooble’ – natural and organic products shop in Bailey’s Arcade (London Circuit) or ‘Braidwood and Villages Tourism’, Wallace (main) St Braidwood. A website on the book is under construction.

For details on discounts up to 30% for quantity orders contact Erika Steller who said recently "After a very long wait we have received the second print run of our Mum’s inspiring book. As Bob Brown said, ‘What a joyous book. This is a brilliant celebration of both the beautiful Monga forest in New South Wales and the people who rescued it from the teeth of the chainsaws. Inspiring in every way!’  The way that Mum saw it, the book was a collaboration, with so many people contributing to make the book come together, she saw her part as co-ordinator and celebrated the communal effort and result. In memory of our Mum, Robyn, and her passion for protecting our native forests, the family has set up a Foundation that will receive all money from book sales and will make small grants available for forest conservation projects in south-east NSW. Consideration of the grants process and applications will happen in about a year’s time, after assessment of book sales. So we will keep all interested parties informed."



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