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Survey of Members


Member survey, results and followup

Back in 1996 the NPA committee under Eleanor Stoddart ran a member survey. Much has changed since then. The work of NPA is becoming increasingly important as the environmental challenges grow and the capacity and interest of governments diminishes.

The clock is being turned back on the environment as environmental protection now has a lower priority since the Federal government introduced the first environmental legislation 40 years ago.

Overall, your responses have been most useful and have included many offers of help to our many programs and some insightful comments and suggestions that will contribute to the development of our forward strategy.

The responses to the survey indicate:

a)confirmation that NPA’s combination of outings with environmental education and conservation advocacy is one of our strongest features

b) Most of us joined NPA because of personal contact with family, friends and colleagues.

c) Our most popular activities are, in order: outings, publications, Burning Issues, work-parties, environment subcommittee and monthly meetings

d) 21 members have families or friends who have children and many good suggestions were made as to what activities would attract these families. These include family day outings, walks with things for children to look for and do, family picnics with a theme; interaction with schools, education workshop walks, heritage walks, family camps; and combining with ACT Parks ranger for a day programs. One response suggested tapping into the recommendations of the "Inspiring a New Generation " stream of the recent World Parks Congress.

e) Many respondents indicated a willingness to help out with the following: environment subcommittee, work parties, publications, committee, outings, promotion, social events, recruitment, finance, social media, Bulletin and general meetings. Those volunteering can expect to be contacted in the near future.

f) Finally, there were useful suggestions as to how NPA could be more effective and engage better with members and the community. Examples include more making news about issues in the media, being seen to be out there, broaden our membership demographic, working with and through other organisations to inform more people about the broad range of our activities and increased participation in exhibitions and public events.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey. Your committee is carefully considering your responses, contacting members who have indicated willingness to help and planning for our future.

Graham Scully

Promotion and Engagement Sub-committee Convenor

February 2015




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