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Vale Ian Curry - life member


The NPAACT has lost one of its most valuable members.  Ian was president for 4 years from 1974 following a year as vice president in 1972 and was again president in 1983.

Ian Currie, 1924–2006

President NPA ACT 1974–1977 and 1983. (Died on 26 June 2006)

 Elected a life member in 1985. In the Association’s 40th Anniversary Bulletin supplement his contributions were acknowledged thus

Ian’s election as a life member acknowledged members’ appreciation of his [to then] 14 years of official and unofficial services in his first 15 years of association membership. He joined in 1970, was elected to the Committee in 1971, Vice-President in 1972, then President in 1974 (four years). He continued on the Committee and sub-committees, and became President again in 1983. At one stage Ian’s re-election was said to have been by a Committee and membership “… not willing to [be deprived] of those sensible and irreverent comments we had come to value when committee discussion threatened to become bogged down or flighty”. He was a frequent leader of walks and was a great “camp father”. This “… pipe-smoking, chocolate-eating, bird-watching, person-baiting Life Member” is also renowned for having instigated, and passed on, the warm tradition of having gluhwein at annual general meetings.

 Ian was a modest man, a gentle man, but with a wondrous and quirky sense of humour. If you didn’t note the give-away twinkle in his eye, you could fall for his frequent pranks. Nevertheless, he could be firm and was very good at controlling meetings. He steered NPA and its subcommittees along very nicely as a lobbying organisation.

He was a regular walker and walk leader, with Jean, until it became an impossibility as knees, etc packed it in. He was definitely one of the “Eyes” (a Nancy Burbidge term), very observant and knowledgeable about his surroundings. He introduced many to birding, and pointed out to anyone interested the plants, insects, fossils, etc, to be found whenever out and about.

He and Jeannie will long be remembered as organisers of great car camps: some in parks and reserves, some on private properties; some along the coast, some in the mountains. From his wide circle of contacts (it is said some quaking before him in the dentist’s chair!) he found some wonderful venues for these camping excursions. Among his contacts he surely counted the Easter Bunny, as unnecessarily rich chocolate eggs would miraculously appear outside the tents of Easter campers! I understand there were some who regularly had an early morning cuppa delivered. Some of his favourite car camp sites were Ravine, Thredbo Diggings, Bournda, Araluen and Wapengo.

Ian and Jean were also willing work party participants. At the Glendale “road works rehabilitation” tree planting, Curries’ Corner, the most inhospitable area of the whole site, miraculously seems to have more long-term survivors than the rest of the site. Ian helped with the NPA’s construction project, the Yerrabi Track, participated in “fire trail rehabilitation”, notably bush restoration in the Orroral Valley/Nursery Swamp area after the 1983 bush fires.

Ian (don’t forget, this is a dentist we are remembering) was renowned for his very sweet tooth—he considered a supply of Rocky Road as an absolute necessity for the happy camper, the day walker, on the journey there and back, even (I suspect) for daily existence. Many were the jokes about keeping up the client base.

Ian masterminded the gluhwein tradition for NPA’s Annual General Meetings, and ensured he trained an apprentice to carry on.

Ian had not been able to get to NPA ACT meetings much in the last few years, but he had not been, and definitely will not be, forgotten. Our thoughts go out to Jean, to Marian and Peter, and to Ian and Jean’s grandchildren, Harry, Callum and Melissa


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