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A Climate in Crisis


As you are most probably aware, along side a global nuclear war, Climate Change is the most serious issue we face as a society.

With our greenhouse gas emissions getting worse and governments unwilling to implement all but the smallest steps to tackle this problem, paths must be identified to ensure immediate and significant action is taken on climate change.

In this context a Climate Change campaign meeting is being organised for Wednesday July the 26th at 7pm at the CCSERAC offices.

We are looking for a broad coalition of groups to input into a climate change campaign. We would like our member groups and supporters to identify individuals within their networks that would be interested in actively engaging in the delivery of a climate change campaign over the next 12 months.

For further information people can contact Adrian Whitehead on 62477808 or

On a positive note, the South Australian government have recently introduced draft climate change legislation which sets up a comprehensive framework for delivering on the state’s greenhouse gas and renewable energy targets. The SA government has set a target of reducing emissions by 60% of 1990 levels by 2050.

Adrian Whitehead
Water & Climate Campaigner
Conservation Council of the SE Region and Canberra
P: 6247 7808
F: 6248 5343
M: 0403 735 118


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