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Book - Monga intacta


Edited and self-published by Robyn Steller, Monga intacta is a beautiful full colour book with stunning photography, chapters on flora, fauna, ecology, indigenous history and the story of community support, political pressure and direct action that protected Monga Forest from being logged.  

It is 18 months since Monga intacta was published.  A few months after publication, the Robyn Steller Foundation was created in response to Robyn’s sudden death, in May 2005.  The Foundation was created as a tribute to Robyn’s love of the environment, passion for Monga Forest and dedication to its conservation; and to receive funds generated by sales of Monga intacta in order to provide some financial assistance for future work on native forest conservation in South East New South Wales.

Monga intacta has sold well, and the Robyn Steller Foundation is now seeking applications for grants to support work on native forest conservation in South East NSW (South of Sydney).

3 grants are available for the 05/06 funding year - one of $5,000, and 2 of $2,000.

Anyone interested is encouraged to complete the application form attached and return by Monday 15 January 2007.  See the Application Form and Terms and Conditions documents attached for details.

We wish to offer the opportunity broadly and will consider a wide range of projects.

We intend to announce and present the grants at a launch of the Robyn Steller Foundation in March 2007.  All applicants will be notified of the launch details.

Please feel free to pass this email on to any appropriate people or networks.

Best Wishes, for the forests,

Erika Steller, Dirk Steller and Tobias Snoad


For enquires relating to the grants or grant process please contact Erika Steller – contact details below.


…a wonderfully uplifting book. 


How often do we hear of a small band of people being able to save a precious fragment of our natural environment from the chainsaws?


Not often enough.




Available for $55 plus postage from  0427 131 701



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