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Five Aussie parks gain heritage listing


Five of Australia's iconic national parks have been added to the National Heritage List.

They are Sydney's Royal National Park and the adjoining Garawarra State Conservation Area, the Warrumbungles in northern NSW, Ku-ring-gai, in Sydney's north, The Grampians (Gariwerd) in Western Victoria and the Stirling Ranges in South Australia.

They join historic structures and sites such as the Sydney Opera House, the Australian War Memorial, the Eureka Stockade and Captain Cook's landing site on the heritage list, which provides them with extra layers of protection.

Heritage Minister Ian Campbell said the five new parks on the list showcased some of Australia's most beautiful and diverse natural heritage and deserved to be given the highest heritage status.

"Our heritage distinguishes us. It's much more than the 'old' or 'outdated' - it's about evolving and living landscapes," he said in a statement.

SMH 15/12/06


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