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Four New Fire Trails - Time line


On 12/9/07 the Government issued a media release which was most gratifying. The ABC made it a news item see here.

On 13/8/07 NPA received a reply from the Minister (originally dated 17/7/07 but apparently mailed to the wrong address).

On 6/8/07 NPA emailed the Planning Officer, Nick Lhuede, and received a reply on 7/8/07. See here.

On 19/7/07 ESA Commissioner Gregor Manson addressed the NPA General Meeting to explain the delays in seeking NPA comments on the process for reviewing the SBMP.

On 09/7/07 NPA released a revised Position Paper about the review of the SBMP.

On 28/6/07 NPA and CCSERAC wrote another letter to the Minister.

On 23/5/07 CCSERAC held a Forum on Bushfire Management.

On 18/5/07 NPAACT completed our submission and the Minister issued a Media Release.

On 17/5/07 we received a letter from Minister Corbell giving undertakings regarding the timing of the review of the Bush Fire Strategic management Plan.  ABC News item here.

On 10/5/07 ABC TV News included a segment on the lack of consultation with aboriginal elders.

On 8/5/07 the ABC ACT Stateline TV programme included a segment called "Heated Debate on Fire Trails" the transcript is available here.  ABC News item here.

Read more details about the project here.


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