A community symposium discussed research, strategies and expectations for fire management in the ACT in a changing climate.

The symposium aimed to ensure an informed ACT community will be able to contribute positively to ACT government policy, goal setting and strategic directions of fire management.

Themes the symposium explored include:

Download the Flyer here. 

Download the FINAL program here with bios and transcripts.


Case Study: Science and decision making – the McArthur model as a case study 

Case Study: Aboriginal fire management. 

Case Study: Aranda Bushland fire history. 

Case Study: Future burning: Meeting the challenge of bushfire management. 

Case Study: Community involvement in the SBMP planning process. 

Case Study: Ecological principles involving the use of fire in grassland and grassy woodland. 

Discussion Paper: Assessing mitigation of the risk from extreme wildfires using MODIS hotspot data. 


Audio (MP3) from the symposium: Fri AM early; Fri AM later; Fri PM early; Fri PM later; Sat AM early; Sat AM later; Sat PM


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