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Moth (Crypsiphona ocultaria)

Moth (Crypsiphona ocultaria) - Photography by Kevin McCue

Belonging in the family Geometridae, common name "redlined geometrid" has been used, it is found very widely through Australia. The Geometridae are usually known as loopers or inchworms from the larvae which have true legs concentrated at the front on the thorax and prolegs (or false legs) reduced in number and concentrated at the back so the larva progresses in a series of exaggerated looping actions. The family name Geometridae comes from the idea that they measure the distance covered by their looping action. The larvae of Crypsiphona ocultaria feed on various eucalypts and remain, twig-like, fully exposed during the day. They are green with a cream to reddish cream lateral stripe. The head is markedly peaked. We thank Ted Edwards for the identification and description.

Photography by Kevin McCue

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