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Botany Bay Weevil

Botany Bay Weevil - Photography by Kevin McCue

The Botany Bay Weevil was first collected at Botany Bay during Cook's voyage of discovery in 1770 and was the first Australian insect to be scientifically described. The weevil is black with a pattern of iridescent green markings. There is a pale greenish stripe running along the back. The underside is greenish.

Other Names
Botany Bay Diamond Weevil, Botany Bay Diamond B, Sapphire Weevil.

length 25mm

Weevil larvae feed on the roots of Acacia plants while adults feed on young twigs and foliage. They can be a pest on Acacias.

The Botany Bay Weevil is found in eastern Australia and has been recorded in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Photography by Kevin McCue

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