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Bushwalking and work parties

Download the NPA ACT Bushwalking Guide here.

See here for further information:

How can you appreciate the natural areas of Namadgi NP without walking there, camping overnight to view the sunset and sunrise or more leisurely working in a small area to remove weeds or remnant barbed wire fences, mapping rabbit warrens and unmanageable infestations of blackberry.

Spending time in Canberra Nature Park gives you some idea of the peace and and quiet, a sample of birds, animals and plants up close, but just a smidgen of the solitude and peace of mind to be found in the wild areas of Namadgi. If you have the ‘eyes' for it you may even uncover tools or marked trees and rocks left there by the first land managers. NPA walking and working groups can take you there and open those eyes as Nancy Burbidge would have said.

The NPA VIC Bushwalking Manual provides additional information.