COVID19 - Safe Outings Procedures
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The NPA (ACT) will be following ACT Government Covid-19 health advice and restrictions as provided at the ACT Government COVID-19 website. Any outings conducted in another state or territory will need to follow the government health advice for those jurisdictions. 

As a special reminder, participants must not attend outings if they are subject to Federal or ACT Government quarantine requirements or if they have flu or Covid-like symptoms.  Additionally, NPA (ACT) prefers that participants are fully vaccinated for Covid-19. This is to protect our members, many of whom are in the higher risk age group and/or have underlying medical conditions. Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.  

Before the Outing

Participants need to register with the leader before the outing, providing their name and a contact phone number.  Outings descriptions will not contain a meeting place or time with this information being made available by the leader at the time of registration. 

As a general rule, participants will need to arrange their own transport prior to the outing, as the leader may not be facilitating ride sharing because of social distancing and hygiene requirements.   Should circumstances permit a relaxation of these arrangements, the following will apply.

  • Within a vehicle the physical separation between non-household occupants should be, ideally, as close as possible to 1.5m, but in no case less than the World Health Organization minimum of 1m (see  In practical terms, for non-household people this will limit occupancy to two persons – the driver plus a passenger in the back left-hand seat.  Additionally, masks are to be worn while in the vehicle.
  • If two or more household people travel in a vehicle, no non-household people should share the vehicle unless it is of sufficient size to accommodate the distancing and density requirements.

Participants are reminded that social distancing requirements will be in force on the outing and they are expected to practice good hygiene.

Non-contact sign-in will be implemented.  The leader will ask participants for verbal confirmation when the group meets that they have read and understand the Risk and Liability Waiver information provided on the NPA (ACT) Attendance Form and are happy to comply with the additional social distancing and hygiene requirements.

During the Outing

At the beginning of the outing, the leader will brief participants on the following hygiene requirements that are expected to be followed:

Whilst face masks are no longer required to be worn outdoors the following measures still apply

  • Keep 1.5 metres between yourself and other people.
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging or other close contact with people.
  • Avoid sitting together at morning tea, lunch etc.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that walkers do not bunch up behind slower walkers especially on on steep uphill climbs on a single file track.

Work Parties

In addition to the above, the following apply to work parties.

  • Equipment Hygiene.

When using tools, participants are to use gloves at all times. Participants are to provide their own gloves as a first line of defence against cross-contamination.   The small quantity of gloves in the NPA tool kit will be retained as a back-up.

Most tools will be provided from the NPA (ACT) toolkit.  During the work party, sharing tools should be avoided where possible.  When sharing of tools is inevitable, hand-sanitisation measures and use of gloves are critical requirements.

The work party leader will sanitise tools in the tool kit with methylated spirits before and after each work party.

  • Work Teams.

Work party participants will not normally be limited but limitations may be announced from time to time.  Working teams will be limited to a maximum of three participants.