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ACT Birds
A full list and description of ACT Birds can be found in the Field Guide to the Birds of the ACT by McComas Taylor and Nicolas Day published by the National Parks Association of the ACT Inc. 1993, 1999 & 2006, 2nd edition 2013. Here are some members' photos of ACT birds, numbered according to the page number (first 2 digits) and picture number (third digit) in the NPA's field guide, first edition. 

The birds are listed in the following categories:

Art Week at Gudgenby
Since 2009, NPA ACT has organised Art Week at Gudgenby Cottage, through the ACT Parks Service, an initiative of Christine Goonrey and Adrienne Nicholson. The Association's members celebrate Namadgi National Park through the creation of artworks in Gudgenby Cottage's peaceful setting, works that incorporate weaving, fabric, collage, tapestry, photography, painting, sculpture, poetry etc.

Images by NPA members travelling far and wide.

Butterflies and Moths of the ACT
Members photos of Lepidoptera residents or migrants most welcome. The NPA ACT Field Guide to the Butterflies of the ACT by Suzi Bond is available at reputable bookshops.

Essence of the Bush Capital (Canberra)
Images of Canberra's natural environment

Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Group
The group organises monthly work parties to rehabilitate the former Boboyan Pine Plantation.

Insects and spiders of the ACT
There are thousands of insects in the ACT but what do they do? what do they eat? what is their role in the pecking order? Some of them are illustrated and described in Roger Farrow's book on the insects of the region, published in 2016 and available in good bookshops in the ACT.

Kosciuszko National Park
Kosciuszko National Park contains Australia's unique alpine environmnet and is regularly visited by NPA members.

Native flora and fauna
Pictures to aid identification of flora and fauna in Namadgi National Park and ACT nature reserves

Rocks in and around Namadgi
The oldest rocks of present day Namadgi National Park formed from a rain of fine sediment onto a deep seafloor some 450 million years ago. They were subsequently solidified, uplifted and slowly cooked by magma rising from below about 430 to 400 million years ago, and subjected to erosion ever since.

Visions of Namadgi
Images capturing the moods of Namadgi National Park.

Walks Photos
A selection of photos from our Walks programme.

Work Parties
Work parties are a central part of our activities.