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Ranger Guided Tours program


TIDBINBILLA is offering visitors the opportunity to discover the park’s nocturnal wildlife. For this guided tour, grab a torch and search for wallabies, koalas, possums, kangaroos, long nose potoroos and the elusive eastern bettong amidst the reserves distinctive bushlands.

“Tidbinbilla after dark is an ongoing program that offers visitors the chance to witness the sights and sounds of Canberra’s bush at night,” ACT Parks and Conservation Regional Manager, Brett McNamara said.

“After the sun sets, Canberra’s bush is a completely different experience from anything you can witness during the day time. Tidbinbilla comes to life after dark. As we settle in for thenight, a lot of our native nocturnal critters are out and about, ready for the day.

“While Tidbinbilla’s rocky mountain ringed landscape is stunning during the day, it is also breathtaking at night. Arrive early for your own sunset picnic and see the park under a different light before heading out for a guided tour under the stars.

“Throughout the tour, visitors have the chance to learn from the insights of an experienced ACT Parks Ranger, and hear about the natural, cultural and historical wonders of Tidbinbilla Valley.

“Tidbinbilla after dark can be enjoyed by all. The program includes a 2.5 hour walk and is rated easy to accommodate all fitness levels.

“Although trekking around the park is sure to warm you up, we encourage all visitors to rug up as the cooler weather sets in and ask that visitors bring a pair of sturdy walking shoes and water bottle.”