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O'Connor ACT

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The ACF is supporting an important Symposium on 27/3/18.

"Better Laws for a Better Planet: A Symposium on the Future of Australia’s Environment Laws"

Almost 20 years since the inception of our key national environmental law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth), the condition of Australia’s natural and cultural environment continues to decline across most indicators.

With the review of the Act due by 2019, we have an opportunity to improve environmental law and governance in Australia. We need to better value, manage, conserve and restore nature, and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

This symposium brings together experts and interests from across disciplines, sectors and demographics to discuss the key challenges and directions for the next generation of environment laws to deliver genuine environmental protections.

Key topics for discussion will include:

 New governance and principles for Australian environmental law

 Effective democracy: legal frameworks that support human rights and public participation

 Environmental rule of law and compliance

 Air pollution, health and legal frameworks

• Australia on the global stage

 Safeguarding nature and biodiversity

The program is here.