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Honorary Life Memberships

The NPA ACT constitution (section 5.1d Membership Categories and Entitlements) states that: "any person who has rendered meritorious service to or on behalf of the Association may, on the recommendation of the Committee, be elected a Life Member by a General Meeting, and for all purposes shall be considered a financial member of the Association."  The NPA ACT committee has worked to establish a clear, fair and transparent process for nominating Honorary Life Members.  
NPA ACT will call for nominations at the February General Meeting each year and close nominations at the April General Meeting.  A recommendation from the committee will be voted on at the AGM in August.  The committee does not expect that appointments will be made every year, and only in exceptional circumstances will two be made in any one year.  Furthermore, the total number of life members should not exceed about 3% of the membership current when applications are called, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
A working group of NPA ACT, comprising the Immediate Past President, one life member and the Secretary is formed when necessary to assess nominations received in writing from NPA ACT members, proposing candidates for life membership.  The working group may coopt other life members as required.
Nominations should describe in writing:
  1. which position/s  or role/s the nominee holds or held in NPA ACT, e.g. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee member, Bulletin editor, Web master, Working group/Sub-committee convenor (such as Outings, Environment, Submissions, Publications, Work parties, GBRG, Web site, Office, Catering/Displays), Working group/Sub-committee member, NPA ACT representative  (e.g. CCSERAC, NPAC), Significant financial benefactor and Other (specify)
  2. what were their major achievements  in that position or role
  3. how effective they were
  4. the duration of their service in that position or role
The application is kept confidential from the proposed life member.  
It needs to be seconded by another member of NPA ACT, in writing.  
The working group will make a recommendation to the committee at its meeting in July.

Current NPA Life Members

2022 Di Thompson

2020 Rod Griffiths

2018 Chris Emery

2017 Martin Chalk

2015 Max Lawrence

2013 Judy Kelly

2012 Christine Goonrey

2011 Annette Smith, Mike Smith

2010 Sonja Lenz, Kevin McCue

2008 Len Haskew

2007 Clive Hurlstone, Adrienne Nicholson

2003 Syd Comfort, Eleanor Stodart (d)

1999 Olive Buckman (d), Jack Smart (d)

1995 Alastair Morrison (d)

1991 Kevin Frawley

1989 Neville Esau

1988 Charles Hill (d)

1985 Ian Currie (d)

1984 Reg Alder (d), Dr Robert Story OAM (d)

1982 Fiona MacDonald Brand OAM

1979 Sheila Kruse OAM (d)

1973 Julie Henry (d)

1972 Dr Nancy Burbidge AM (d)