Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Group
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Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Group 

The Gudgenby Bush Regeneration Group (GBRG) was established in May 1998 to lobby for the complete removal of the Boboyan Pine Plantation in Namadgi National Park and to rehabilitate the area. Logging began in 1997 and, following a hiatus, the last piles of pine slash were burnt in April 2005, completing what the 2003 bushfires failed to do. The GBRG has regular work parties to replant native species and remove weeds and surplus fences.

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Please check our Events calendar for future work dates.

View some pictures of the GBRG workparties under Gallery or download an article on the history of GBRG written by Hazel Rath in 2011. Click here.

Photos of their work.

Matthew’s Higgins' notes prepared for the 20th anniversary of GBRG in July 2018 can be found here….

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