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NPA ACT Submissions for download

 08/07/19 Proposed amendments to the Pest Plants and Animals (Pest Animals) Declaration Discussion paper  .pdf  2 pages
 28/06/19 Draft Cat Plan  .pdf  4 pages
 24/06/19 ACT Strategic Bushfire Management Plan Version 4 2019-2024  .pdf  5 pages
 11/03/19 Draft Walking Tracks Strategy Kosciuszko Summit Precinct and Kosciuszko National Park Proposed Amendment to Plan of Management – Visitor Experience Improvements  .pdf  5 pages
 08/11/18 The impact of feral deer, pigs and goats in Australia  .pdf  12 pages
 06/08/18 Submission on Proposed Horse Riding in Wilderness Amendments (2018) to Plans of Management  .pdf  6 pages
 21/06/18  Nature In Our City  .pdf  10 pages
 25/05/18 NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee: PreliminaryDetermination on Equus Caballus (Feral Horses)  .pdf  2 pages
 08/04/18 ACT Climate Strategy to a Zero Net Emissions Territory Discussion Paper  .pdf  3 pages
 20/03/18 Submission on the Molonglo River Reserve Draft Reserve Management Plan  .pdf  13 pages
 11/03/18 Draft ACT Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy and Action Plans  .pdf  1 page
 28/01/18 Protection of the Alpine National Park: Feral Horse Strategic Action Plan 2018-2020 (draft)  .pdf  5 pages
 11/05/17 Draft ACT Native Grassland Conservation Strategy and Action Plan  .pdf  4 pages
 25/03/17  Lower Cotter Catchment Draft Reserve Management Plan 2017  .pdf  6 pages
 Sep 2016  New Northern National Park (NP For A National treasure)  .pdf  6 pages
 14/08/16  KNP Wild Horse Draft Mamagement Plan Review  .pdf  6 pages
 21/05/15  Register of Environmental Organisation Inquiry   .pdf  4 pages
 18/03/15  Powerpoint submission to ITRG  .mov  13 pages
 18/03/15  Independent Technical Reference Group(ITRG) KNP Wild Horse Review.  .pdf  3 pages
 29/07/14  2014 draft of the ACT Strategic Bushfire Management Plan  .pdf  3 pages
 10/07/14  ACT Environmental Offsets Policy  .pdf  4 pages
 09/06/14  ACT Budget 2014 submission  .pdf  2 pages
 12/01/14  ACT Trails Draft Strategy  .pdf  4 pages
 29/07/13  Horse-riding in Wilderness Trial  .pdf  4 pages
 18/04/13  Gungahlin SEA Submission  .pdf  4 pages
 10/12/12  Draft Nature Conservation Strategy  .pdf  4 pages
 28/06/12  Horse-riding in NSW NPs  .pdf  8 pages
 29/05/12  Eco-tourism  .pdf  5 pages
 17/02/12  Centenary Trail  .pdf  4 pages
 13/02/12  ACT Trails Discussion Paper  .pdf  8 pages
 09/02/12  2012 ACT Budget   .pdf  4 pages
 04/06/11  Should Goorooyarroo, Mulligans Flat, Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie be a NP  .pdf  6 pages
 04/03/11  Nature Conservation Act - Discussion Paper - Nov 2010  .pdf  10 pages
 13/12/10  2011 ACT Budget  .pdf  5 pages
 28/11/10  Planning The Eastern Broad-acre Area  .pdf  3 pages
 01/07/10  OCSE Investigation into Canberra Nature Park, Molonglo River Corridor and
  Googong Foreshores
 .pdf  10 pages
 29/03/10  Federal Golf Course Draft EIS  .pdf  3 pages
 18/12/09  Mt Franklin Fire Trail Upgrade EIS  .pdf  8 pages
 02/09/09  Report on the consultations for the development of a revised Strategic           Bushfire Management Plan (Version 2)  .pdf  19 pages
 16/07/09  Taskforce for Tourism and National Parks.  .pdf  2 pages
 28/05/09  Submission for Australia's Biodiversity Conservation Strategy  .pdf
 4 pages
 07/05/09  Victorian Fires Royal Commission  .pdf  4 pages
 01/05/09  Kangaroo Management Strategy  .pdf  2 pages
 26/02/09  Tidbinbilla POM Discussion Paper  .pdf  9 pages
 23/01/09  Joint COG/NPA letter on the 2009 Budget  .pdf  5 pages
 01/09  NPAC submission on the EPBC Act  .pdf  8 pages
 17/11/08  Role of the Commissioner of Sustainability and the Environment  .pdf  2 pages
 06/06/08  Second submission on the Namadgi Plan of Management  .pdf  5 pages
 11/04/08  Legislative Assembly Environment Committee Inquiry into the Namadgi   National Park Draft Plan of Management  .pdf  5 pages
 14/03/08  Brindabella Fire Management Strategy  .pdf  3 pages
 17/05/07  Four Fire trails  .pdf  5 pages
 11/05/07  Long Flat Fire Trail Diversion  .pdf  2 pages
 02/04/07  Jerrabomberra Wetlands  .pdf  5 pages
 26/06/06   Grassy Creek and Burnt Hill Fire Trails  .pdf  8 pages
 ?/05  Update on Strategic Bushfire Management Plan for the ACT  .pdf  2 pages
 30/11/05  Namadgi Draft Plan of Management  .pdf  33 pages
 12/04  Strategic Bushfire Management Plan for the ACT  .pdf  6 pages