Minister highlights partnership role in environment
Minister Vassarotti addresses NPA meeting. Photo by Sabine Freidrich

ACT Environment Minister Rebecca Vassarotti has stressed the importance of government working in partnership with volunteer groups such as NPA to achieve environmental aims.

 In a talk to an an NPA meeting on 20 June, Ms Vassarotti highlighted the strong relationships forged with volunteers and land management groups. This included the establishment of the ACT Biodiversity Conservation Forum which brought together government, local environment and landcare organisations to improve the response to environmental challenges in the region.

 Among the major environmental challenges were tackling invasive species – particularly  weeds – in ACT parks and reserves, and protecting threatened species.

 Another key area of focus was restoring partnerships with traditional owners.

 Ms Vassarotti spoke of the need to strengthen environmental laws at both the federal and local level. There were also many parcels of land in the ACT with high conservation value that were at risk and needed to be placed within the reserve system.

 Ms Vassarotti said there was a need to find a way to have adequate investment in environmental protection.