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Donations can be made for the general work of the NPA ACT or they can be made with a preference for use towards a project. However by law the final decision on use of tax-deductible donations must rest with the NPA ACT Committee. All donations are tax-deductible.

How to donate (In our order of preferred method)

  1. Transfer to our bank account, but please email us with your details to guarantee getting a receipt. Your preference for use of the donation should be included, see our current projects below. A tax deductible receipt will be emailed to you. Our account is with Bank Australia, account name "NPA ACT" BSB 313140 account number 12069748
  2. Send a cheque to the office with your name and email address attached. Your preference for use of the donation should be included. A tax deductible receipt will be emailed to you.

Current projects

Rosenberg's Goanna Project: Two species of goannas (aka monitors, varanids) were once among the most important predators in our region. The Tree Goanna (Varanus varius) has almost disappeared. Rosenberg’s Goanna (V. rosenbergi) is still abundant enough in one part of Namadgi to enable efficient research. The project aims to: Improve our understanding of habitat use and movements of Rosenberg's Goanna in Namadgi using GPS tracking devices and wildlife cameras and develop more effective survey methods than ones currently recommended to detect goannas in environmental impact surveys. Support is required to expand the tracking study to learn generally about the local goanna population and in particular find out whether the extraordinary movements are restricted to male goannas and whether all males in the population are involved and further evaluate the conservation status of goannas in Namadgi and the region, considering the movement behaviour. NPA ACT has helped fund this project. 

The Annual Honours Scholarship at ANU Fenner School: We fully fund a scholarship for Honours Year students known as the 'National Parks Association of the A.C.T. Honours Scholarship in Biodiversity Management in National Parks and Nature Reserves'. The aim of the scholarship is to enable young researchers and practitioners to undertake quality research in areas pertaining to the conservation of flora and fauna in National Parks and Nature Reserves in the A.C.T. and surrounding areas. 

Work Parties: Our work parties, that are supervised by Rangers, have costs associated with protective clothing and First Aid courses which we fund. 

Publications: Our whole range of publications, especially Field Guides, require professional graphic design which we have to buy in. Donations towards this expensive work are most appreciated. 

If you have any queries please contact the Treasurer.