What we do

The National Parks Association of the ACT is a voluntary, non-government organisation and registered charity advocating for the protection of the fauna and flora, scenery, natural features and cultural heritage of  Namadgi National Park and other ACT parks and reserves, We do this through a program of:


Our natural environment is under threat from climate change, fire, invasive plants, feral animals and loss of habitat for many native species. We help manage these challenges by:

  • working with environmental organisations, including other state National Parks Associations
  • supporting efforts based on scientific advice and use of the latest technology to eradicate all pest species from national parks and nature reserves where practicable
  • supporting and working with government agencies, scientific and non-government organisations, business and the community to reduce the effects of climate change on ecosystems
  • supporting work to preserve and protect historic and heritage-listed structures such as homesteads, huts, ruins, stockyards, fences and gravesites
  • preparing submissions, reports and advice for governments and organisations


Many species in the ACT region are threatened or critically endangered. To protect them:

  • we will monitor management plans for parks and reserves in the ACT to see that they are meeting their objectives of protecting natural and cultural values. Parks and reserves are important community assets, and we will make representations to the ACT government as necessary for ACT Parks to be a funded at a level to properly maintain and manage these areas.
  • support citizen science projects, including the Rosenberg’s Goanna Project* and, previously, the Little Eagle Project, the Grassland Earless Dragon Project, Rakali (Native Water Rat) Project
  • support and advocate the highest level of protection and care for internationally recognised areas such as the Ramsar-listed Ginini Flats wetlands
  • support and advocate the inclusion of important ecosystems, such as grassland and lowland grassy woodlands, in conservation reserves.

*The Rosenberg’s Goanna Project requires special monitoring and tracking equipment. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to support this important conservation project.


Through education we help people understand the importance of protecting the environment for future generations and increase awareness of the unique native flora and fauna of the ACT and region. We do this by:

*Our popular field guides on local native flora and fauna are expensive to produce. Please consider a tax-deductible  donation to support this important education project and to expand our range of guides and other publications.


Our activities aim to appeal to most age groups and fitness levels, and to promote enjoyment of our parks and reserves through

  • bushwalk, from family friendly nature rambles to more challenging walks
  • kayaking and snowshoeing
  • work parties* in parks and reserves
  • displays, promotions and other outreach activities

Please see our activities page for more detailed information.