‘Amazing’ response to mountain bike post
The barrier that created a furore

An Australia Day post on our Facebook page about the installation of a barrier by Parks ACT to discourage mountain bikers using  a foot trail on the Mount Majura nature reserve  has drawn an amazing response.

The post had a reach of 1.5M and generated more than 130.6K  engagements.

So great was the response – many from irate mountain  bikers but also from others who supported the action, and from disability advocates who were concerned the barrier would prevent wheelchair access – that we were eventually obliged to restrict comments because of a few offensive remarks.

'We were amazed at the response the post generated and really have no explanation for it,' said NPA president Dr Rosemary Hollow. 'Canberra has an extensive network of management trails and multi-use tracks where mountain biking is permitted, including the 140km Centenary Trial and Stromlo Forest Park.'

In Mount Majura Nature Reserve itself, cycling is permitted on 20km of roads and management trails as well as in the adjoining reserve Majura Pines recreation area where there are dedicated trails for mountain bike riding.