Poll calls for continued vigilance on national parks

The finding of a national poll that most Australians highly value their national parks reinforces the need for governments to adequately fund protection of these unique environments, says the National Parks Association of the ACT (NPA ACT).

The online poll of 1122 Australians was commissioned by the National Parks Australia Council (NPAC) (npac.org.au), a coalition of state-based conservation groups, in response to growing pressures from federal and state governments to prioritise commercial development of national parks over environmental protection.

‘The findings that 89 per cent of Australians agree that national parks are one of the best ways to protect nature in Australia is heartening,’ said NPA ACT president, Dr Esther Gallant.

‘It is also highly encouraging to see that 91 per cent agree that national parks and conservation areas are desirable to protect natural areas from activities such as logging, mining and fishing.

‘Seventy-eight per cent support not allowing commercial development in parks and protected areas.

‘While the ACT’s own Namadgi National Park and our unique network of conservation areas so far seem to have been largely spared from strong commercial pressures, the ACT’s growing population and need for recreation outlets mean we must remain vigilant.

‘NPA ACT will ensure the poll results are brought to the attention of our ACT politicians to make them aware of the strong public desire to resist pressures to commercialise our parks and conservation areas,’ Dr Gallant said.

Full report: https://vnpa.org.au/publications/polling-2022/
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Dr Esther Gallant
0429 356 212
22 February 2022