MLAs see Namadgi damage

A party of MLAs, ACT Government officials and NPA ACT members saw first-hand, during a trip to the national park on 22 April, the damage to the park’s roads and infrastructure from fire and extreme weather – roads that are near impassable in places except by rugged 4-wheel drive vehicles, creeks clogged by sedimentation, and culverts washed away by flash floods.

Organised by NPA ACT to show the extent of the damage, the trip included Opposition Leader, Elizabeth Lee, shadow environment minister, Nicole Lawder, Parks spokesperson for the Greens, Jo Clay, and Alisia Turner representing the office of the Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman.

The trip took in the devastated Orroral Valley—seat of the 2020 fires that burnt through 85% of the park—and the Upper Cotter catchment.

Fixing the damage will require better, bigger and stronger structures, while minimising the impact on the environment. This will require time, capacity and money. 

Photos and other information here.